Sophie Dorsten is one of the most talented singers I've ever heard in my life. Not only does she have an angelic voice, but her vocal range is hella impressive.” - QD

The Ratings Game, April 2020


Sophie Dorsten


National Recording Artist Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Folk singer-songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix area. She has been singing her unique sound around the Valley since she was 9 years old.

In the beginning, she and her brothers were in a band called Sophie and The Boyz, as she sang and played bass guitar. After several years the band broke up and she picked up the acoustic guitar and taught herself as she wrote songs and learned fun covers.

Sophie has released 3 EP’s; "Beauty of the Heart” recorded and released when she was just 13, “Leaves” released a couple years later, and then in September 2018 released “Roses” with 3 beautiful originals on it. November 2019 Sophie released a single titled "Growing."  "I wrote this song for my mom for all she does for me, but also for anyone that has someone that loves them through it all!" April 1, 2020 she released the fun single "Phasin'" - co-written and produced by Austin Moore (The Proudest Monkey.) Sophie then went to Nashville to record a beautiful ballad titled "Tomorrow" which was May 15th - look for it on all music platforms!  "I originally wrote this about not knowing what to expect next; personally it was because of graduating HS this year, but I feel it could mean something different to people now with all that is happening in the world." #littleblondegirlbigvoice


 “This 16-year-old singer-songwriter has been blessed with a voice that’s nothing less than spellbinding, which she uses to brilliant effect on the emotionally vulnerable ballads that make up her latest recording, a breathtaking three-song collection called “Roses.”

Ed Masley,, January 11, 2019


Sophie has been a part of Alice Cooper's Solid Rock teen center for the past several years volunteering her time in both giving vocal lessons as well as big events held; whether it be singing at the event or physically helping. She has competed in the Alice Cooper Proof is in the Pudding talent competition and won 2nd place in 2018. Sophie has even performed back-up vocals with Alice Cooper at a press release party at the teen center - what a blast!

Sophie has performed the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, SF Giants, and Oakland A’s for several years during Spring Training, as well as the City of Mesa's 2019 4th of July celebration for both the Naturalization ceremony and right before fireworks. What an honor!

Sophie is regularly played on KWSS 93.9,, and now around the country on college radio. Her EP ROSES debuted at 172/770 on the college radio charts in June 2018.

Venues Performed At



Venues Sophie has performed at: 

Marquee Theatre     Crescent Ballroom     Last Exit Live     The Listening Room     Rhythm Room     Tempe Center for the Arts EDGE Happy Hour      The Rebel Lounge     Mesa Art Center      The Van Buren     Celebrity Theatre     Valley Bar     Pho Cao     The Lost Leaf     Copper Blues Live     Grand Central Coffee Co.     Queen Creek Olive Mill     Garage-East     SoZo CoffeeHouse     Alice Cooperstown     Duck and Decanter     Whiskey Row Gilbert     The Pressroom     Postinos Gilbert     Tempe Marketplace     Desert Botanical Gardens     Gordon Biersch     Mesa Music Fest       Tempe Festival of the Arts     Rattlers Pre-Game Event     Hard Rock Cafe     Barnone     RAT Race event      Harvey American Public House     Tom Ryan's      Bourbon Jacks     Windmill Winery     Javalina Leap Winery      The Sandbar     Dos Gringos     SocialBox     JoJo CoffeeHouse     The Monroe     City of Mesa Lightrail Groundbreaking     ASU MU     Paradise Valley Community College     Paradise Valley High School     Alice Coopers Solid Rock     Gilbert Off-Street Art Festival     OdySea Aquarium     Monterey Court - Tucson     The Farm at South Mountain


Articles & Reviews

"Tomorrow" will give you both chills and goosebumps at the same time.

Sophie Dorsten is one of the most talented singers I've ever heard in my life. Not only does she have an angelic voice, but her vocal range is hella impressive. On "Tomorrow," Sophie's upcoming single, she blooms by letting her heart bleed and by singing fearlessly.

From the moment you press play on "Tomorrow," you will be submerged in it's lively production, mind-blowing harmonies, and beautiful melodies. Additionally, you will love how Sophie pieces herself together lyrically on the song, as, throughout it, she talks about finding a way to make tomorrow a better day than yesterday by being both positive and optimistic."

QD, The Ratings Game, April 15, 2020


"This young lady, seventeen years old and a senior in high school ladies and gents, has got a sledgehammer of a voice!"  

-Ryan B. Clark, Ghost Writer, Keep the Greasy Side Down, January 30, 2020 


"This 16-year-old singer-songwriter has been blessed with a voice that's nothing less than spellbinding, which she uses to brilliant effect on the emotionally vulnerable ballads that make up her latest recording, a breathtaking three-song collection called "Roses." 

Ed Masley,, January 11, 2019 


“When I first heard Sophie’s voice I could not believe such a mature sound came out of a 16-year-old. Blew me away. Her new EP Roses is a sampling of not just her talent in music, but also in writing. She also recently did a live version of “O Holy Night at a Proof is in the Pudding music competition that literally brought tears to my eyes (the good kind.) She plays many gigs valley-wide so plenty of opportunities to catch this rising star.”  

Dani Cutler, KWSS, December 10, 2018 


"I had the pleasure to review Sophie Dorsten’s single, “Roses”, last year and knew that I had come across a one-of-a-kind artist, (  This Phoenix-based singer/songwriter may be a teenager still in high school, but Sophie sings and performs like a seasoned pro.  Sophie Dorsten is a true talent with star potential and you will see why after listening to her latest single, “Growing”. 

Dorsten’s new song is dedicated to her mother, but also to anyone that has someone very special in their life.  The track is all about love and how one’s love for another person can withstand anything in this life.  This Indie/Folk songstress has created a song that is extremely moving and meaningful.  You can sense that Sophie is singing straight from the heart on “Growing” with a touching tribute to her mom that can relate to so many people out there.  The listener will pick up on a warming & comforting sensation just as a mother would console her daughter.  I am simply blown away by Sophie’s strong and powerful vocal performance on this song.  Sophie Dorsten has got pipes and she is not afraid to use them as she proves she can sing with the best of them!  “Growing” also contains a wonderful melody that will pull you right in and not let go.  One will hear big, bright notes coming from Sophie as this young songbird will captivate you with her amazing voice alone. 

Sophie has been singing & performing since she was 9 years old and I see no slowing down for the young artist.  With three EP’s already under her belt, I can’t wait to hear more from this powerhouse singer and genuine songwriter.  Lyrically, musically and vocally, Sophie has got it all and then some!  Sophie Dorsten is still “Growing” but she has already blossomed into a fine-tuned & polished singer/songwriter.  With endless potential for this special talent, I look forward to hearing more, high-quality recordings from the Arizona native.  I’d also like to add that the appealing cover was actually painted by Sophie herself proving that she also has a knack for art as well.  The song is “Growing” on me and Sophie Dorsten is “Growing” into a giant, musical force that is ready to burst onto the scene!"

Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine, January 7, 2020


"When you first hit Play, you will hear the sweetest melody from a songbird named Sophie Dorsten. I was shocked to discover that Sophie is only 16 years old because she has such a refined, professional-sounding voice. Her latest single is titled “Roses”, which is also the name of her new EP. Sophie Dorsten’s song is like a dozen roses in full bloom bursting with freshly picked notes.  

Sophie Dorsten hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has been performing since she was only 9 years old. This Indie/Folk singer/songwriter sings & performs with such passion and tremendous heart. Sophie’s vocals & lyrics on “Roses” are vibrant and organic to the core. Sophie sings with such a soft ‘n’ distinct tone and she has a way of drawing you in with her voice alone. Add in a full richness of sound from the acoustic guitar and tender lyrics and you have one complete song in “Roses”.  

Sophie has already released 3 EP’s and she’s still just a teen. But, this is no ordinary teenager because Sophie Dorsten has already blossomed into a seasoned vocalist & artist. This young songstress is bursting with talent & potential and honestly it’s scary to think what material is yet to come from Sophie Dorsten. “Roses” showcases Sophie as a true storyteller & musician who looks to take the music world by storm! This Phoenix native already exhibits all of the right tools & skills to make it BIG with her strong voice & presence. Lyrically, vocally, musically & artistically, Sophie Dorsten is the total package with the perfect bunch of bright “Roses” on full display." 

Jimmy Rae, Music Industry News Network, October 2, 2019


"Blurring the lines between folk, dream-pop and chart accessibility, Roses, the title track of her EP, is a charming and graceful calling card. It revels in space and atmosphere, restraint and understatement, the beat doing only enough to provide sonic hooks to hang minimalist music on, the guitars used sparingly, the bass line merely punctuation points. All of this leaves her vocals the focal point of the song and what a great voice it is too. Able to wander between emotive voice,-as-instrument deliveries, and heart-felt pleas, there is something simultaneously beautifully human and eerily otherworldly weaving together at the heart of it all.  

Roses is proof that young, would-be pop artists, though even as I write the word it seem woefully inadequate to describe what’s going on here, don’t have to follow the conventions imposed by those around them, that you don’t have to fall for the industry pressures to deliver quickhits and throwaway crowd pleasers. This is music being made for the long game. And if she is making music this mature at 16…yes, you read that right….16, imagine what she might be doing three or four years from now. Definitely one to keep a very close eye on." 

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture, September 5, 2019


"Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the highly-talented singer and songwriter Sophie Dorsten blesses us again with another great song entitled Roses. The pop/folk songstress has a very unique voice with a homegrown organic sound that complements her approach to music.  

Roses is the title track from Dorsten’s new EP. The song is musically-crafted through a fabulous array of instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, strings, and an immense vocal performance by Sophie Dorsten. it is almost as if everything that Dorsten’s voice touches turns into gold. Dorsten is able to carry her audience into the clouds with the theme of surviving heartbreak and coming to grips with what was. Bravo!" 

Warlock Asylum International News, September 8, 2019


"“Roses” is taken from Sophie Dorsten’s EP, which is also titled Roses. Dorsten is a sixteen-year-old singer (that’s right; just sixteen), and “Roses” is a moody, acoustic guitar-driven ballad. Dorsten sells it with a precociously lovely voice.  

Dorsten is a self-described indie/folk singer that calls the Phoenix, AZ area home. If you think sixteen is a young age to be recording music, you should also know Dorsten’s been performing since she was the tender age of nine. Back then, she was in a band with her brothers called Sophie and The Boyz, where she sang and played bass. After a long stretch as a kind of family band, though, Dorsten set out on her own. She taught herself how to play guitar and write her own songs. She also chose to cover songs she really liked. She’s released three Eps of solo music, so far, with the first being Beauty of the Heart, which she put out at just thirteen. She’s worked with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization in Arizona, and even volunteers as a vocal coach. After all, at sixteen, she’s already a musical veteran.  

With “Roses,” Dorsten sings like a true adult. One must wonder, what with a song and EP title like Roses, if Dorsten was inspired by another folk singer. One who was not an indie artist – indie didn’t even exist at the time – but a commercial artist, named Joni Mitchell. For the Roses, was Mitchell’s fifth studio album. But whereas Dorsten sonic is fairly stripped down, Mitchell worked with jazzer Tom Scott, and featured Graham Nash and Stephen Stills on backing vocals. Nevertheless, it’s nearly impossible to imagine modern folk – even the indie variety – without the pioneering work of Joni Mitchell. Before Mitchell, it was rare to hear a woman write and sing highly introspective, scarily vulnerable songs. She was one of the first, and still after all that have come after her, one of the best.  

Dorsten draws from Mitchell with the heartfelt nature of this song. She also sings beautiful high notes, the way Mitchell used to do, before smoking gave her voice an equally enjoyable husky tone. Dorsten has the sound down, although one must wonder how much real life love she’s experienced. At sixteen, one is still a few years shy of adulthood. Even Maria McKee, back when she fronted Lone Justice at a young age, still had some living to do. What McKee lacked in real life experience, though, she more than made up for by educating herself on country music history. She may not have lived that life, but like any good actress, she learned her part well.  

Clearly, Sophie Dorsten has a talent to be reckoned with. I once overheard someone describe a band has being good; they just hadn’t sinned enough. We’re not wishing Dorsten a life of sin, in order to become more believable. However, more life experience will give her music much more depth. With a voice like hers, though, she really has a chance to go places. Let’s hope everything comes up roses for Dorsten in the future." 

Skope Mag, September 10, 2019


"Sophie Dorsten sings with pure love on the passionate “Roses”. Lyrics have a poetic aura to them. The arrangement perfectly accompanies her over the journey of her engrossing storytelling. A delivery that recalls Joanna Newsom at her most soulful, the entirety of the piece works wonders. Carefully taking her time she makes sure every element falls into place with the utmost of care. Folk, country, and chamber pop merge into one singular cohesive whole. By refusing to fully settle into any one of these styles she goes for something that has a timeless air to it. Instrumentally too the song has a colorful, flexible quality.  

The nimbleness of the acoustic guitar introduces the piece. From there it all unfurls in a gorgeous haze. Gentle, graceful gestures come about as her vocals enter the mix. With a bit of longing the song comes into bloom upon the inclusion of the drums into the mix. Strings, piano, and more combine to create a stream of consciousness quality. Virtually weightless the entirety of the piece radiates such undeniable warmth. Letting all of it slowly fade out halfway through points to the cyclical nature of the piece. On the latter half of the work things truly shine, for the tension from the first half becomes resolved with such satisfaction.  

On “Roses” Sophie Dorsten explores a pastoral beauty, one that unfolds on its own terms, with a romantic quality that permeates the entirety of the piece." 

Beach Sloth, September 6, 2019